Silicone Lens

Silicone Lens

Silicone lenses, also known as silicone LED lenses, are primarily used for LED lighting. They are made of optically clear silicone materials such as Dow Corning MS4002, MS1002, Wacker LR7601, etc. These lenses not only have a light transmittance of up to 94%, but they are also heat resistant and UV resistant, which sets them apart from traditional plastic lenses like PMMA and PC. Additionally, optical liquid silicone rubber is highly flexible and can be used to manufacture complex and micro-structure LED lenses. For OEM silicone lenses, you can contact HOPEWELL.

Features of Silicone Lens

Silicone lenses have several key features that make them a popular choice for various applications.


  • Silicone lenses are known for their excellent optical clarity, which allows for high light transmission and minimal distortion.

  • Silicone lenses are anti-yellowing and UV resistance, which makes them to be used in UV lighting.

  • Silicone lenses have a high resistance to extreme temperatures, making them ideal for use in both hot and cold conditions.

  • Silicone lenses are super flexible, which allows for the creation of complex shapes and designs.

High Optical Performance

High Weatherability

Free Design

94% transmittance

• Haze <1%

• Abbe number approx 50

• Long lasting colour

• Surface finish to A1

• High temperature stability, even above 150°C

• Resistant to UV light

• Resistant to microcracking

• Fire rating equivalent to UL 94 V-1

• Anti-yellowing: No change after 3000 hours 85℃/ 85% humidity aging testing.

• Freedom of design for illuminated optical components

• High fluidity for complex microstructure design

• Integration with other materials overmolding

• Lightweight design of products

• Adapt to complex special shape and partial under-cut

Production Process of LSR Injection Molding Silicone Lens

Step 1: LSR Injection Molding

Step 2: Deflashing

Step 3: Quality Inspection

Step 4: Post Curing

Step 5: Quality Inspection

Step 6: Dust Free Packing

Application of Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Lens

Indoor Lighting

Silicone lenses can be used for projector lighting, medical equipment lighting, LED displays, grow lights and other indoor LED lighting.

● Outdoor Lighting

Silicone lenses can also be used for automotive lighting, ADB head lamp, daytime running light, parking lot LED lighting, warehouse LED lighting, stadium flood lighting, LED high bay lights, street lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, headlight LED, high bay LED lights, architectural light, outdoor spot light and other outdoor LED lighting.

Advantages of Hopewell in Manufacturing High-power LED Lighting Silicone Lens

Rich Production Experience

Our factory is experienced in LSR injection molding and overmolding, and we've manufactured various silicone lenses for OEM projects of automotive ADB headlights. With class 100,000 clean production workshop, we can guarantee the production environment.

● Advanced Production Equipment

German Arburg LSR precision injection molding equipment, imported mold making equipment and precision inspection instruments from abroad for manufacturing LED lighting silicone lenses.

 Professional Engineer Team

Professional engineering team has more than 30 years of experience in LSR injection molding, including 5 Japanese engineering supervisors.

 Completed Qualification Certificate

Our factory has been certified by IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.

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