Medical Components

Medical Components

Medical Grade Silicone Material

Hopewell medical grade silicone, including solid silicon and liquid silicone, the raw material cost is about USD10 to USD40/KG from WACKER/ Nusil/ Betterly/ SQUARE medical grade silicone supplier, and the ISO10993 ,ISO13485, Class 100,000 Clean Production Workshop or bio-compatibility certifications can be provided as requirements. 

Medical Grade Silicone Application

This kind of medical grade silicone can be used for wound drainage ball, face brush, LG cleansing brush, medical-silicone balloon, midwifery silicone balloon, plastic cover ap, plastic cover app, rubber wound drainage ball, silicon cleansing brush, silicon mouthpiece, silicone brush, silicone cleansing brush, silicone drainage ball, silicone face brush, silicone-brush, silicone-drainage ball, silicone-mouthpiece, silicone-toothbrush, silicon-toothbrush, U Shape toothbrush, vial bottle stopper, wound drainage ball, wound-drainage ball, medical check valve and so on.

Our manufacturing processes include but are not limited to injection molding, compression molding, overmolding, multi-shot injection molding and etc.. We have cooperate with may famous brands, such as: KAIFA,Snibe, Vazyme and others. let's grow together, bring your product to market quickly, and maximize your business interests. Contact us for more information.

Medical Grade Silicone

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