Silicone Lenses

Silicone Lenses

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Silicone Lenses, also named silicon optical lens, are ideal for collimation or focusing monochromatic light, can be used for lighting, automotive and display applications.

● Lighting applications: indoor and outdoor lighting, building decoration lighting, local lighting for exhibition halls and so on;

● Automotive applications: ADB high beam matrix lens, ground light lens and others;

● Display applications: LED TV lenses, fly eye optical lens for projectors and so on.

Advantages Of Silicone Lenses Supplier

High Optical Performance

- 94% transmittance; 

- Haze <1%; 

- Abbe number approx 50; 

- Long lasting colour; 

- Surface Finish to a1.

High Weatherability

- High temperature stability, even above 150°C; 

- Resistant to UV light;

- Resistant to microcracking;

- Fire rating equivalent to UL 94 V-1;

- Anti-yellowing: No Change after 3000 hours 85℃/ 85% Humidity Aging testing.


● Free Design

- Freedom of design for illuminated optical components;

- High fluidity for complex microstructure design;

- Integration with other materials overmolding; 

- Lightweight design of products;

- Adapt to Complex Special Shape and Partial Under-cut .

About Hopewell 

The Silicone Lenses Supplier for HASCO VISION, ADAYO, Molex, LYNWAY, XINGYU LIGHTING, ROBOROCK and etc..

We have nanometer super-finishing machines, high precision CNC machines, high speed CNC machines, high precision internal and external grinding machines, precision automatic surface grinding machines, German Abberg LSR precision injection molding equipment for optic silicon lens. Precise imported processing equipment ensures the feasibility and stability of mold processing, the 100000 level clean-room workshop ensures the stability and cleanliness of production. If you're looking for reliable supplier of silicone lens, we must be your first choice.  Contact us to get more details now!

 Silicon Lenses Supplier

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