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Silicon Optics Lens For LED lighting


Made of highly transparent optical liquid silicone raw materials

Class 100,000 optical clean silicon molding workshop

Germany ARBURG LSR precision injection molding equipment

Resistant to yellowing, UV light and micro-cracking

Silicone injection overmolding for different materials, hardnesses or colors

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Specification Of Silicon Optics Lens For LED lighting

Product NameUV Protection Liquid Silicon Optics Lens for LED Lighting, LSR Silicon Optics Supplier, Silicon Molding Lenses
Model NumberHHSL05
MaterialOptical Liquid Silicone
Light Transmittance94%
Refractive Rate1.41
UV ResistanceDouble 85 Tests, 3000 hours, no changing
Temperature Resistance-40 to 150℃
Mold TypeLSR Injection Overmolding
Mold CavityCustomized
MOQ1,000pcs/ size
ApplicationLED lighting


  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting

  • Automotive


  • Display


Product Information

1. UV protection liquid silicon optics lens for LED lighting, LSR silicon optics supplier in china.

2. UV protection silicon optics are made of optical liquid silicone rubber material, with transparent color. It is an excellent material for outdoor and fire-resistant applications.

Silicon Optics Lens For LED lighting

3. For liquid silicon lens, we used Dow Corning MS1002 material, which is in optical grade silicone rubber material.

4. The hardness of LSR silicon optics is 72 Shore A, light transmittance of silicon molding lenses over 94%, without any coating. UV protection silicon optics has the advantages of high light energy utilization, low light loss, small light collection area, and good uniformity.

Silicon Optics Lens For LED lighting

5. Temperature resistance of liquid silicon lens can from  -40to 200, which is perfect for high power and long working LED lamp lighting.

6. LSR silicon optics has low refractive ratio, only 1.41. comparing to PC, PMMA and Glass materials, the low refractive rate optical silicone material makes the silicone condense lenses with less light loss.

7. The design of silicon molding lenses are very flexibility. Since the silicone material has high fluidity and low viscocity, this helps achieve UV protection silicon optics with complex, micro-structure and under-cut design. Furthermore, the optical silicone can be overmolded with other materials, makes the liquid silicon lens design to be lightweight and has more flexibility.

Silicon Optics Lens For LED lighting

8. Our factory has over 10,000 square meters silicone molding workshop, class 100,000 clean optical production workshop and class 10,000 inspection room for light performance testing, 9 sets Arburg LSR injection molding machines. With advanced imported mold making equipment, such as, TOSHIBA Nanometer super-finishing machines, Makino High precision CNC machines, High precision internal and external grinding machines and so on, our factory has established cooperation with many Fortune 500 enterprises.

9. Hopewell has more than 10 years of experience in liquid injection molding products, with 5 Japanese engineers that focus on mold design for more than 30 years. optics doctors and masters to evaluate the product design, professional engineering team to issue the DFM report, so to ensure the project to be proceed successfully.  If you’re looking for professional manufacturer of LSR molding silicone lenses, please contact us.

Manufacturing Process

The process of uv protection silicon optics is as follow: 

Liquid Injection Molding- Deflashing- Inspection- Packing- Shipping

Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses


For liquid silicon lens, to keep the product clean and not deformed while in transportation and in storage, normall, the packaging as follow.

1pc per PE film, 10pcs/ Blister Tray, 20 Trays/ Carton (Quantities will vary due to product sizes are different)

Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses


  • 1

    What’s the advantage to choose liquid silicone to make optical lenses?

    Comparing to Plastic, the properties of light transmittance, anti-yellowing and weathering resistance are better. Comparing to Glass, the optical liquid silicone is easy to shape, the fluidity makes the complex or micro-structure designs moldable.

  • 2

    What’s the level of your clean production workshop?

    Currently, for Liquid Injection Molding, the workshop is Class 100,000, while for plastic, our factory has Class 10,000, or even Class 1,000 clean workshops.

  • 3

    Can you design the optical linear lenses?

    For now, we just do OEM designs. Our team is unable to do the product design.

  • 4

    What should I offer to custom silicone optical lens?

    Pls. offer us 3D drawing and performance requests.

  • 5

    Can I visit your factory?

    Yes, should any interest, highly welcome to visit our factory.

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