Silicone Lenses

Silicon TIR Lens For LED Illumination Optics


94% light transmittance, made of highly transparent optical liquid silicone raw materials

Class 100,000 optical clean workshop

Resistant to yellowing, UV light and micro-cracking

High temperature resistant, up to 150℃

Design flexibility for LED light optical parts

High fluidity helps to achieve complex micro-structure designs



Specification Of Silicon TIR Lens For LED Illumination Optics

Product NameOptical Grade Silicone LED Lens Reflector Manufacturer, LSR TIR Collimator For High Power Long-Time Lighting
Model NumberHHSL03
MaterialOptical Liquid Silicone
Hardness70/80 Shore A
Mold TypeLSR Injection Molding
Mold CavityCustomized
MOQ1,000pcs/ size

ARBURG Horizontal LSR Injection Molding Machine


For high power and long time lighting equipment,such as:

Indoor lighting: coal mine lighting, local lighting for exhibition halls, horticultural lighting, sports indoor lighting, entertainment lighting, architectural indoor lighting, Retail lighting, building decoration lighting and so on.

Outdoor lighting: street light, building lighting, bridge lighting, special outdoor applications, architectural outdoor lighting, tunnel and transportation lighting, area and car park lighting and others.

Comparison of Optical Lenses Material

Optical Characteristics




LSR7180 Series







Transmissivity (%)9494949486-8989-9292
Refractive Index (RI)1.411.411.411.411.591.491.5-1.6
Haze (%)-<1--1-32-4-
Abbe Number (V)48505049-51345738-59
Yellow Index-<1--1-31-3-
※ The above values are tested by the material manufacturer and are for reference only.


  • Indoor LED Lighting

    Indoor LED Lighting

  • Horticultural Lighting

    Horticultural Lighting

  • Architectural Lighting

    Architectural Lighting

Product Information

Silicon TIR lens also known as total internal reflection lenses, which are used to collect and process light using the principle of total reflection, use Tracepro software to trace the light passing through the silicon TIR collimator, resulting in a light energy utilisation of 95.26% and a beam divergence angle of 15° or less. LSR optical silicone lens can improve the utilization rate of LED light energy. Silicon TIR collimator lens designed to use penetrating focusing in the front, and the conical surface can collect and reflect all side lights. The overlap of these two kinds of lights can achieve perfect light utilization and beautiful spot effect. Optical grade silicone LED lens reflector or silicon TIR collimator can be used for high power long-time lighting. 

Silicon TIR Lens For LED Illumination Optics

The material of silicone LED lens reflector is silicone optical is a two-component ultra high transparent liquid silicone rubber material, which has good optical properties and flame retardancy. For this style silicone LED lens reflector, we use Momentive LSR7080 material, hardness is 80 Shore A, transparent color, processed by ARBURG Horizontal LSR Injection Molding Machine.The transmission of silicon LED lens reflector can reach more than 94%, which has the advantages of high light energy utilization, low light loss, small light collection area, and good uniformity. Optical grade silicone lens has the function of total reflection technology+medium, every light ray all can be controlled and used, generally there is no secondary spot, and with a good looking light pattern. All in all, the silicon TIR lens has features of UV Resistant,Yellowing Resistant, Easy Demoulding, lightweight, effcient in light distribution, etc. If you're looking for custom silicon lens, welcome to contact us.

Silicon TIR Lens For LED Illumination Optics

Why you should choose us for optical silicone lenses supplier?

1. Design Evaluation& Quality Guarantee

With a professional optics doctors and masters to offer technical support, from the very beginning to evaluate the feasibility of your design to mass production. Also, our factory has many advanced and imported mold making equipment, silicone injection molding and light performance inspection equipment.

2. In-house Mold Making Department

Silicon TIR Lens For LED Illumination Optics

3. Precision Imported LSR Injection Molding Production Equipment

Silicon TIR Lens For LED Illumination Optics

4. Inspection Equipment List

S.N.Mold Making& Inspection EquipmentOriginQty.
12D Measuring InstrumentJapan1
2Surface Roughness TesterJapan2
3Three Dimensional Measuring InstrumentJapan1
43D Measuring MachineGermany1
53D Shape Measuring Machine(UA3P)Japan3
6Stereo microscopeJapan4
7Birefringence Measuring InstrumentJapan1
8Sphericity InterferometerJapan1
10Roundness TesterJapan1
11Integrated Distribution PhotometerP.R.C1
12LED Rapid Spectroscopy SystemP.R.C1
13Light Distribution Performance Tester for Traffic& Vehicle LuminairesP.R.C1
14Optical Property TesterGermany1
15Eccentricity Measuring InstrumentKorea1
16UV Visible Spectrophotometer(Transmittance Tester)Japan1
17Optical Transfer Function Measuring InstrumentGermany3
18OptiCentric ® Centration MeasurementGermany1
19NIR SpectrometerJapan1

About Us

Our factory has more than ten years of LSR liquid injection molding product production experience, five Japanese engineers have focused on mold design for more than 30 years, and world class mold manufacturing equipment, want to customize optical silica gel lens, contact us now.

Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses

Manufacturing Process

The process of silicon TIR lens is as below: 

LSR Injection Molding- Deflashing- Inspection- Dust Free- Packing- Shipping

Silicon TIR Lens For LED Illumination Optics


For optical silicon lenses, to keep the product clean and not deformed while in transportation and in storage, normall, the packaging as follow.

1pc per PE film, 10pcs/ Blister Tray, 20 Trays/ Carton (Quantities will vary due to product sizes are different)

Silicon TIR Lens For LED Illumination Optics


  • 1

    What’s the advantage to choose liquid silicone to make optical lenses?

    Comparing to Plastic, the properties of light transmittance, anti-yellowing and weathering resistance are better. Comparing to Glass, the optical liquid silicone is easy to shape, the fluidity makes the complex or micro-structure designs moldable.

  • 2

    What’s the level of your clean production workshop?

    Currently, for Liquid Injection Molding, the workshop is Class 100,000, while for plastic, our factory has Class 10,000, or even Class 1,000 clean workshops.

  • 3

    Can you design the optical linear lenses?

    For now, we just do OEM designs. Our team is unable to do the product design.

  • 4

    What should I offer to custom silicone optical lens?

    Pls. offer us 3D drawing and performance requests.

  • 5

    Can I visit your factory?

    Yes, should any interest, highly welcome to visit our factory.

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