Company Introduction

1. Hopewell founded in 2009, we focus on R&D and production of silicone rubber products and plastic products for over a decade. 

2. We have 6,000 square meter production workshops, 100,000 clean production workshop and painting workshop. 

3. With In-house precision mold design and mold making department. 

4. Our main products are: silicone electronic waterproof precision parts, silicon lens, silicone valves, silicone smart wearable products, silicone medical and beauty products, plastic flip top caps, other custom silicone products. 

5. As long-term supplier for fortune 500 enterprises. 

6. We approved ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949 certifications and we are also Green Partner of SONY.


Product Advancement

1. From 1999 to 2010, we focused on silicone keypads.

2. From 2011 to 2015, waterproof products are popular.

3. From 2016, we started cooperation with SONY, and produced VR Face Covers for them. 

4. At same year, we also produced silicone medical and beauty products.

5. From 2019, we produced silicone lens, and now become silicone lens top manufacturer in China.

6. From 2020, we developed speaker diaphragms, and put into production.

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1. Workshop 1 include 12 sets liquid injection molding machines, 6 sets compression molding machines, and 20 sets 50 times CCD magnification full inspection equipment.

2. Workshop 2 was established based on a 100, 000 clean production workshop, with 14 sets liquid injection molding machines and 2 sets UV plasma surface treatment production lines.

3. Workshop 3 is for silicone lens and silicone medical products. With 9 sets horizontal liquid injection molding machines (include ARBURG& SUMITOMO), 2 sets vertical liquid injection molding machines, 100,000 clean production workshop, 10,000 full inspection room and 1 set EVERFINE Goniophotometer ( light performance test system ).

4. Workshop 4 is for silicone valves, there has 100,000 clean workshop, 3 sets silicone valve automatic punching+ inspection equipment, which developed by our engineer team, also has 3 sets AOI (Automated Optical Inspection ) equipment. These equipment not only improved inspection efficiency, but also improved quality control.


Product Features

Item Name

Product Feature

Served Customers

Silicone Electronic Waterproof Parts

1. Meet IP67/IP68 waterproof level;

2. Process is LSR overmolding injection;

3. Flash and mold mismatch within 0.03mm;

4. Daily capacity is 30,000 pcs/ day/ set .

HUAWEI, Google, Hisense, Sharp etc.

Silicone Lens

1. Light transmittance over 94%;

2. High temperature resistance over 150℃, 

3. Surface finish to a1;

4. Anti-yellowing;

5. Better adapt to complex special shape and partial undercuts. 


Smart Wearable Products

1. Made of FDA and LFGB liquid silicone materials;                                                     

2. Mold processing precision within 0.001mm;                        

3. Flash within 0.05mm;                                                         

4. Surface treatment is UV activation and oil spraying. 

Sony, POLAR etc.

Silicone Medical And Beauty Product

1. Made of ISO10993 certified medical grade silicone and coloring agent; 

2. With ISO13485 certified 100,000 clean production workshop. 

LG, Perifit, Samitomo, Snibe, Vazyme etc.
Silicone Valves

1. Slit cut with zero clearance, 

2. Passed 24 hours*7 days inverted leakproof test;   

2. Slit dispensing passing rate is 100%;

3. Non-stick slits, and slit tolerance is plus and minus 0.3mm;

4. If you want, we can also do NSF certified for you. 

3M, Tablecraft, Tupperware, Southern Packing etc. 

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If you are interested in silicone products, please feel free to contact us, thanks.

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