Household Products

Household Products

In today's pursuit of environmental protection and practicality, silicone has become a popular material for household products. It not only complies with food-grade certification, but is also deeply loved by consumers for its durability, non-toxic, tasteless, and high and low temperature resistance. In particular, silicone material has strong plasticity and can be designed in various shapes, and can even be overmolded with other materials multiple times, bringing unlimited possibilities to home design.


For every customer who wants to customize silicone products, we always regard respecting original design as our core principle. With rich silicone molding experience, we will provide customers with structural optimization suggestions while ensuring product functionality and feasibility. Our goal is to achieve silicone household products that are closest to the customer's original design while ensuring the smooth progress of industrial production.

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As a premium quality silicone molding manufacturer, we have a professional engineering team with more than 30 years of experience, covering a variety of technologies such as compression molding, liquid injection molding, and silicone over-molding. Team members are strictly selected and trained to ensure the most professional services for customers. We will provide customers with the most appropriate DFM report and optimal mold design plan based on product design. At the same time, with years of accumulated silicone mold making and siicone products manufacturing data, we can provide customers with solutions that best meet project design schedule and cost requirements.


Our factory is located in Dongguan, the city of industrial manufacturing, with advanced production equipment and strict production processes. We pay attention to the cleanliness of the production environment and ensure that every process is carried out in a pollution-free environment. In addition, we also have uniformly trained and qualified employees and a strict quality management team to ensure that every silicone household item delivered reaches a 100% pass rate. As of now, our factory has been certified by ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO45001 and IATF16949.


Our factory not only focuses on product quality, but also on production efficiency and cost control. Each batch of raw materials and products is tested to ensure product consistency and guaranteed quality. At the same time, our process engineering optimization team will continue to optimize costs for customer projects to help customers achieve more profits in the fierce market competition.


Help Brand Growth, First Choice for Custom Silicone Household Items

Over the years, we have customized silicone household products for many brand customers and helped countless start-up brands grow rapidly. If you need customized silicone household items and are looking for a trustworthy silicone molding manufacturer, please contact us today. We will provide you with the most cost-effective solutions with professional technology, high-quality services and strong factory strength.

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