Silicone Valve

Silicone Valve

Silicone Valves

Silicone valves, also known as drain non return valve, one way respiratory valve, one way flow control valve, silicone check valves, one way drain valves, two way breathing valve, injection check valve and so on,made of environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable raw material, are used to control the flow of liquids and gas.

Types And Application Of Silicone Valves

According to the different raw materials, the silicon rubber valve can be divided into compression molding solid silicone check valve and LSR injection molding liquid silicone dispensing valve

According to the shape, the no drip silicone valves can be divided as below: 

silicone cross slit valve: can be used for ketchup, mayonnaise, syrup,vinegar, soy sauces, concentrates and other food& beverage liquids dispensing.

duck bill check valve: can be used for liquids dispensing.

umbrella valve: used for flavor control of hydration water bottle.

flapper valve: can be used for first in first out plastic squeeze bottle,for ketchup mayonnaise, syrup and other thick sauces dispensing.It can also be a one-piece silicone check valve for medical device.

conical valve: be designed for eye cream dispensing.

dome valve: can be used for liquid soap dispensing dish brush.

Enough stocks in 9.8 mm, 10.5 mm, 16.5 mm size, also welcome to customize.

Manufacturing Process of Silicone Valves 

●Step 1: Whole piece: processed by liquid injection molding machine

●Step 2: Appearance Inspection: check whether there is dead material, pollution or lack of material

●Step 3: Trimming: manually remove defective burrs from the whole piece

●Step 4: Cross Slit Punching: the cross slit is processed by punching machine

●Step 5: Top out food grade talcum powder: use a jig to push out the talc powder

●Step 6: Shape punching: place the whole piece on the jig and punch into a single silicone valve

●Step 7: Spot check: sampling inspection

●Step 8: Dust removal: use an air gun to remove movable dirt from the product

●Step 9: Packing: Weigh the silicone valve, and pack into bags and boxes

Silicone Valves

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