Silicone Valve

16.5mm Silicone Check Valve


FDA food grade platinum liquid silicone

7 days* 24 hours inverted leakproof test

One squeeze, one dispensing

The dispensing angle is controlled within ±15°

Non sticking silicone check valve

Free samples can be provided for quality checking



Specification Of Flow Control Silicone Check Valve 

Product NameManufacture Food Grade No Drip 16.5mm Silicone Check Valve For Honey Dispensing Cap 
Model NumberHHSV03
MaterialFDA& LFGB Approved Food Safe Liquid Silicone Material
Color Nature Color
Hardness30 Shore A
Outer Diameter16.5mm
Slit Cut TypeCross Slit Silicone Check Valve  
Slit Cut Size3*3/ 5*5/ 6.5*6.5/ 7.8*7.8mm Flow Control Silicone Check Valve 
Matched Plastic PP Ring Size18.6mm Plastic PP Ring
Mold TypeLSR Injection Molding
ProcessTool Design - Tool Manufacturing - LSR Injection Molding - Whole Piece Inspection - Punching Cross Slit Cut - Add Talcum Powder - Punching Shape  - Quality Checking - Dust Free Packing - Shipping
MoldPublic Mold
MOQ50000 PCS
Daily Capacity200,000pcs/ line
Mold Cavity108CAV
MachineArburg LSR Injection Molding Machine 420C, Automatic Punching+ Inspection Equipment, Automated Optical Inspection Equipment
Machine tonnage120T
WorkshopClass 100,000 Clean Production Workshop And Silicone Valves Special Production Workshop
ApplicationLeak Proof Silicone Check Valve Are Suitable For Flip Top Caps, Such As: Honey Flip Top Caps, Ketchup Flip Top Caps, Sauce Flip Top Caps, Syrup Flip Top Caps, Beverage Flip Top Caps And So On.
IntercomsEXW, FOB, CIF, DDP, Or Delivery To Assembly China Factories


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    Silicone Check Valve For Sports Water Bottle

  • Silicone Check Valve  For Ketchup Dispensing

    Silicone Check Valve For Ketchup Dispensing

  • Silicone Check Valve  For Honey Bottle Cap

    Silicone Check Valve For Honey Bottle Cap

  • Silicone Check Valve  For Mayonnaise Dispensing Cap

    Silicone Check Valve For Mayonnaise Dispensing Cap

  • Silicone Check Valve  For Hand Cream

    Silicone Check Valve For Hand Cream

  • Silicone Check Valve  For Concentrates Dispensing

    Silicone Check Valve For Concentrates Dispensing

Product Information

What Is Silicone Check Valve ?  

FDA certificate silicone check valve is one types of silicone valves, made of food grade liquid silicone material, transparent color, cross slit cut, fuitable for all plastic bottle caps. We have four sizes cross slit silicone valves in public mold, outer diameters at: 9.8mm, 10.5mm, 13mm, 16.5mm, information are as below:

Item NameOuter DiameterSlit TypeSlit SizeMatched Plastic PP Ring O.D
9.8mm cross slit silicone valve9.8mmCross Slit/ Snowflake/ Asterisk2.1*2.1/3*3/3.6*3.6/5*5mm11.85mm
10.5mm cross slit silicone valve10.5mmCross Slit3*3/5*5mm12.3mm
13mm cross slit silicone valve13mmCross Slit5.5*5.5MM14.6mm
16.5mm cross slit silicone valve16.5mmCross Slit3*3/5*5/6.5*6.5/7.8*7.8mm18.6mm

16.5mm Silicone Check Valve

How Does Silicone Check Valves Work?

ISO14001 certificate silicone check valve is a one-way silicone valve, which let air or liquids flow in one way, and it is a important component for preventing back-flow. When there create presssure, the no hassle silicone check valve will open it, then close to prevent fluid or air flowing back to inside.

16.5mm Silicone Check Valve

The Features Of Silicone Check Valve?

1. No spill silicone check valve made of food safe high elastic and ultra-transparent liquid silicone, LFGB and FDA approved.

2. High precision silicone check valves processed by liquid silicone rubber injection molding, daily capacity reaches to 200,000pcs per automatic punching line.

3. Because cross slit of wear Resistant silicone check valve with zero clearance, so which can passed 24 hours/7 days inverted leakproof test.

4. Slit dispensing passing rate of ISO9001 certificate  silicone check valve is 100%.

5. Due to our unique technique, we can do LSR Injection molding silicone check valve with non-stick slits.

6.  Slit tolerance of silicone check valve for honey bottle cap is plus and minus 0.3mm, and dispensing angle is ±15°.

16.5mm Silicone Check Valve

The 2D Design Of Silicone Check Valve For Ketchup Bottle Cap   

16.5mm Silicone Check Valve

About Hopewell

Hopewell established in 2009, 13 years focus on R&D and production of liquid/ solid silicone products. As a high-tech enterprise of product design, mold making, manufacturing and marketing, we have owned about 6,000 square meters modern workshop, 39 sets LSR injection molding machines, 6 sets solid silicone vacuum compression molding machines, class 100,000 clean production workshop and class 100,000 clean spraying workshop.

16.5mm Silicone Check Valve

If you are interested in silicone check valve for sauce bottle caps, please feel free to contact us, thanks.          

How to Use

For this kind of dispensing silicone check valve, it’s assembled together with the plastic pp ring, then install to the plastic dispensing cap as a whole set.

Manufacturing Process

Process Of No Drip Silicone Check Valve  

Tool Design - Tool Manufacturing - LSR Injection Molding - Whole Piece Inspection - Punching Cross Slit Cut - Add Talcum Powder - Punching Shape  - Quality Checking - Dust Free Packing - Shipping

16.5mm Silicone Check Valve


For food grade silicone check valve, to keep the product clean and not deformed while in transportation and in storage, normally, the packaging as follow: 

Item NamePCS/ PE BagPCS/ CartonCarton SizeN.W.G.W.
16.5mm Silicone Check Valve   2,000pcs24,000pcs35*26*42CM7.363KGS8.30KGS

16.5mm Silicone Check Valve


  • 1

    Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

    We're a manufacturer of silicone molding products, with about 10,000 square meters production workshops.

  • 2

    Can you provide free samples?

    Free samples can be provided for quality checking, freight cost need be charged.

  • 3

    What are the advantages of Hopewell to preduce silicone valves?

    Hopewell started producing silicone valves in 2011, we also have professional engineering team, precision mold manufacturing department and perfect quality control department, a 100,000-level clean production workshop, and has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 and ISO14001 certifications.

  • 4

    What is your MOQ for silicone valve?

    Our moq is 50000 pcs for four sizes cross slit silicone valves in public mold; for customized silicone products, the final quotation shall prevail.

  • 5

    Can you accept OEM/ ODM orders?

    Currently we only accept OEM orders.

  • 6

    What information do I need to provide for custom silicone valves?

    Please provide 2D and 3D drawings (STP format) or actual samples, then our engineering team will provide DFM for your confirmation.

  • 7

    What is the lead time for custom silicone valves?

    For prototype molds, the lead time for silicone valves is about 7-15 working days; for production molds, the lead time is about 15-45 working days.

  • 8

    Can I use your silicone valves mold?

    We only have four cross slit silicone valves mold can be used, other molds are customized by other customers.

  • 9

    Can you provide proof of raw materials?

    Yes, we can provide MSDS, FDA, LFGB test reports for confirmation.

  • 10

    Can you provide plastic valve seat samples?

    We have 4 sizes plastic valve seats in public mold, the outer diameters are 11.85mm, 12.3mm, 14.6mm and 18.6mm. Free samples are available, please contact us for more information.

  • 11

    Can i vist your factory?

    Of course, highly welcome.

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