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Environment friendly high elastic silicone raw materials

7 days* 24 hours inverted leakproof test

Welcome custom micro silicone valves

One squeeze, one dosing, no leakage

Factory price, low MOQ, fast delivery

Daily capacity reaches to 200,000pcs per automation production line



Item NameOutside Diameter(mm)Slit TypeSlit Size
Micro Silicone Valve8mmAsterisk5mm


  • Eye Cream Dispensing

    Eye Cream Dispensing

Product Information

Product NameWholesale High Flexible Micro Silicone Valve Supplier for Eye Cream Dispensing
Model NumberHHSV11
MaterialEco-friendly FDA Solid Silicone
Hardness30 Shore A
Outside Diameter8mm
Slit TypeAsterisk Slit (Welcome customized slits)
Slit Size5mm
Mold TypeVacuum Compression Molding
Mold CavityCustomized
Daily Capacity50,000pcs/ line
MOQ50,000pcs/ size
Description1. Wholesale high flexible micro silicone valve supplier for eye cream dispensing manufacturer china,outer diameter is 8 mm,slit type is Asterisk,slit size is 5*5 mm.material is Eco-friendly FDA Solid Silicone,hardness is 30 Shore A,mold type is Vacuum Compression Molding.

2.Micro silicone valve made of  eco-friendly high quality and environment friendly solid silicone, with FDA certification.

3.Eye cream dispensing silicone valve processed by  vacuum compression molding, welcome custom micro silicone dispensing valves.

4.Micro silicone valve inverted leak proof test for 7 days* 24 hours, there is no leakage for cross slit silicone valve.

5.Eye cream dispensing silicone valve tolerance of the curved wall thickness is controlled within 0.03mm,one squeeze, one dispensing, no leakage, no extra splits.

6.Non-stick micro silicone valve vent and relief valves, even asterisk cut makes it easy for liquid for liquids, juice concentrate,water,concentrates dispensing,water dispensing,juice dispensing,beverage dispensing,soy sauce,vinegar bottle lids dispensing.

7.The dispensing angle of eye cream dispensing silicone valve is controlled within 30 degrees.

8.The micro silicone valve can be customized in many colors,also with good pulling force and elasticity.

9.Vacuum Compression Molding eye cream dispensing silicone valve is 100% New PP Raw Material,the liquid dispensing snowflake valve has Raw material LFGB certification and LIM-9150 Liquid Silicone LFGB Certification.we also have One Way Silicone Valve Appearance Patent for no leakage micro silicone valve in no drip,no hassle,no spill function.

10.For eye cream dispensing silicone valve,we used TaiWan Union M7 series injection molding machine,high precision machines make our micro silicone valve higher quality and more leak-proof.

11.We have 26 sets Liquid Injection Molding Machines,6 sets Compression Molding Machines,30 sets 50 Times CCD Magnified Full Inspection Equipment,Class 100,000 Clean Production Workshop,Class 10,000 Full Inspection Room,3 sets Silicone Valve Punching+Inspection Equipment,3 sets AOI Visual Inspection Equipment,2 lines UV Plasma Surface Treatment for eye cream dispensing silicone valve.

12.Hopewell has over 10 years in producing custom silicone and plastic flip top cap beverage dispensing closures,we have many certificates for silicone valves and plastic caps,such as:ISO9001 certificate,ISO14001 certificate,ISO13485 certificate,Clean-room production workshop,One Way Silicone Valve Appearance Patent,Raw material LFGB certification,LIM-9150 Liquid Silicone LFGB Certification.welcome to customize plastic dispensing caps,silicone valves and other silicone products.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process


Before shipment, we’ll check with customer to choose the best shipping method.



  • 1

    Can I get free samples of this eye cream dispensing valve?

    Yes, free samples can be offered, shipping costs to be paid by customers.

  • 2

    Can I change the size of the slit?

    Due to the viscosity of different liquids is different, we accept custom slit types and slit sizes.

  • 3

    Shall we pay the silicone dispensing valve mold or tooling cost?

    For public sizes, the molds are existing, there is no mold or tooling charges. While for this custom silicone control valves, the mold belongs to customer, if needed, you need to develop you own mold, please contact us for best quotation.

  • 4

    Do you have a video to show how to assemble the micro silicone valve?

    We regret the assembly is finished by our customer, so we are unable to share any video.

  • 5

    Can I buy the silicone dispensing valve or valve seat only?

    Yes, we can supply the silicone dispensing valve and valve seat separately.

  • 6

    Can I order customized silicone one way valve?

    Yes, as a professional manufacturer of premium quality silicone valves, we highly welcome custom made silicone flow control valves.

  • 7

    What shall I offer to custom a silicone control valve?

    For a custom silicone control valve, please kindly offer us 3D drawing or actual samples, we’ll be able to start the evaluation.

  • 8

    Are you using platinum silicone material?

    Yes, all silicone flow control valves are made of eco-friendly silicone with platinum vulcanization agent.

  • 9

    Do you accept customized packaging?

    Yes, we highly welcome custom made packaging, please provide us the detailed requirements.
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