Silicone Medical Negative Pressure Ball

Jun. 07, 2024

The medical negative pressure ball is composed of a medical negative pressure ball, a solid drainage tube and a tunnel needle. It is mainly used in clinical practice with drainage tubes to suck pus exudate, effusion and tissue fluid out of the body through negative pressure. It is suitable for small operations. The postoperative recovery process can reduce tissue damage and prevent wound source separation and bacterial growth caused by large amounts of fluid accumulation. Thereby improving the effect of wound healing. This technology can accelerate the blood circulation of the wound site to a certain extent, fully drain, reduce edema, and inhibit bacterial growth, directly accelerating wound healing, which creates very favorable conditions for surgical repair. The medical negative pressure ball, as an in vitro container connected to the drainage catheter inserted into the body, can drain light negative pressure, drain the liquid out of the body after repeated squeezing, and drain unidirectionally to prevent infection.

Silicone Medical Negative Pressure Ball

We mainly produce silicone spheres for medical negative pressure balls, which meet the requirements of medical and food-grade product development and production process documents, and have strict requirements for each product procedure, with medical standard quality. We have a 100,000-level dust-free workshop, coupled with our professional engineering research and development team, they are technologically advanced and can perfectly meet the various design requirements of customers.

Silicone Medical Negative Pressure BallSilicone Medical Negative Pressure Ball

Features of Silicone Medical Negative Pressure Drainage Ball:

1. Made of medical grade transparent, soft and smooth silicone.

2. The tube body is graduated and the length is 1000mm.

3. The radio opaque line passes through the tube body.

4. The tube body is soft and non-irritating, which can reduce the pressure on the wound surface.

5. Three sections of different structures are integrated into one, they have excellent anti-kink performance, and the body section has four fully open drainage grooves, which can drain water from any point in the body section.

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