Silicone Lenses

Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses


94% light transmittance, made of highly transparent optical liquid silicone raw materials

Class 100,000 optical clean workshop

Resistant to yellowing, UV light and micro-cracking

High temperature resistant, up to 150℃

Design flexibility for LED light optical parts

High fluidity helps to achieve complex micro-structure designs

Optical liquid silicone lenses can be over-molded with other materials



Specification of Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses

Product Name94% Light Transmittance Anti-Yellowing Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses
Model NumberHHSL01
MaterialOptical Liquid Silicone
Hardness5/30/60/70/80/90 Shore A
Mold TypeLSR Injection Molding
Mold CavityCustomized
MOQ1,000pcs/ size
ApplicationIndoor and Outdoor LED Lighting


  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting

  • Automotive


  • Display


Product Information

1. 94% light transmittance anti-yellowing liquid injection molding silicone optical lenses for indoor and outdoor LED lighting, material is Optical Liquid Silicone, hardness is 5/30/60/70/80/90 Shore A, mold type is LSR Injection Molding.

2. Silicone optical lenses made of super transparent and flame resistant optical liquid silicone raw materials.

3. LIM silicone lenses processed by ARBURG Liquid silicone rubber injection molding in Class 100,000 optical clean workshop.

4. Comparing to PC or PMMA, the transparency and dispersibility of the anti-yellowing silicone lenses are better.
5. Under harsh conditions, the color of silicone optical lenses is very stable even under temperature over 150℃。
6. With excellent processing properties, especially in LED lighting and optical lenses, the LIM silicone lens can achieve various complex and lightweight designs.
7. Anti-yellowing effect is perfect even after 3000 hours 85℃/ 85% Aging testing.
8. With a professional team, both the mold making team and LSR injection molding team, to assess design feasibility and trial production stability, also the successful experience to ensure the project to be launched successfully.

9. Surface finish of silicone optical lenses can achieve to a1.

10. LIM silicone lenses adapt to complex special shape and partial under-cut.

11. For anti-yellowing silicone lenses,we used TaiWan Union M7 series injection molding machine,high precision machines make our silicone optical lenses higher quality. 

12. We have 9 sets ARBURG Horizontal Liquid Injection Molding Machines, 3 Sets Vertical Liquid Injection Molding Machines, Class 100,000 Clean Production Workshop,Class 10,000 Full Inspection Room, 1 Set EVERFINE Light Distribution Performance Test System for LIM silicone lenses.

Silicone Injection Molding Equipment

S.N.Equipment NameEquipment ModelQty.UnitUsage
1Horizontal Liquid Silicone Injection Molding MachineSUMITOMO 50T2Set39 Sets Production Equipment
2Horizontal Liquid Silicone Injection Molding MachineARBURG 420C-100T5Set
3Vertical Liquid Injection Molding Machine50T2Set
4Vertical Liquid Injection Molding Machine85T4Set
5Vertical Liquid Injection Molding Machine100T3Set
6Vertical Liquid Injection Molding Machine160T17Set
7Vacuum Compression Molding Machine250T6Set

About Hopewell

Hopewell has over 10 years in producing custom anti-yellowing silicone lenses, we have many certificates for silicone optical lenses, such as: ISO9001 certificate, ISO14001 certificate, ISO13485 certificate,Clean-room production workshop, IAFT Certificate, SGS Certification, Sony GP Certification, Optical Lens Intellectual Property, Clean-room Certification, Raw material LFGB certification, Material Safety Certification, LIM-9150 Liquid Silicone LFGB Certification. Welcome to customize LIM silicone lenses by contacting us.

Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses

Manufacturing Process

The process of aspheric optical lenses is as follow: 

Liquid Injection Molding- Deflashing- Inspection- Packing- Shipping

Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses


For optical silicon lenses, to keep the product clean and not deformed while in transportation and in storage, normall, the packaging as follow.

1pc per PE film, 10pcs/ Blister Tray, 20 Trays/ Carton (Quantities will vary due to product sizes are different)

Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Optical Lenses


  • 1

    What’s the advantage to choose liquid silicone to make optical lenses?

    Comparing to Plastic, the properties of light transmittance, anti-yellowing and weathering resistance are better. Comparing to Glass, the optical liquid silicone is easy to shape, the fluidity makes the complex or micro-structure designs moldable.

  • 2

    What’s the level of your clean production workshop?

    Currently, for Liquid Injection Molding, the workshop is Class 100,000, while for plastic, our factory has Class 10,000, or even Class 1,000 clean workshops.

  • 3

    Can you design the optical linear lenses?

    For now, we just do OEM designs. Our team is unable to do the product design.

  • 4

    What should I offer to custom silicone optical lens?

    Pls. offer us 3D drawing and performance requests.

  • 5

    Can I visit your factory?

    Yes, should any interest, highly welcome to visit our factory.

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