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Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover


High quality medical grade liquid silicone and plastic materials

Silicone over-molding protective cover with tight tolerance 

IP68 waterproof level silicone over-molding protective cover

Free samples can be offered for quality confirmation

Factory price, fast delivery, low moq

Class 100,000 clean production workshop



Specification Of Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover 

Product NameFactory Customize IP68 Waterproof Ultrasonic Face Cleanser Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover
Model NumberHHUC
MaterialMedical Grade Liquid Silicone And Plastic
Color Customize
Hardness50 Shore A
Outer Diameter50mm

Tool Design - Tool Manufacturing - Silicone Over-molding - Manual Deflashing- Quality Inspection -  Dust Free Packing - Shipping

Mold TypeSilicone Over-molding
MoldPrivate Mold
MOQ50,000 PCS
Daily Capacity5,000pcs/ Line
Mold CavityCustomize
WorkshopClass 100,000 Clean Production Workshop
ApplicationSilicone Over-molding Protective Cover Can be Used For Face Cleaner, Face Massager Etc.
IntercomsEXW, FOB, CIF, DDP, Or Delivery To Assembly China Factories


  • Ultrasonic Face Cleanser or Face Massager

    Ultrasonic Face Cleanser or Face Massager

  • Ultrasonic Face Cleanser or Face Massager

    Ultrasonic Face Cleanser or Face Massager

Product Information

What Is Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover?

Silicone over-molding protective cover, also known as overmolded silicone protective cover, uses silicone material as the outer coating material and overmolds it with other materials such as plastic, glass, etc. It is designed to provide essential protection and effectively prevent products from being corroded by external environmental factors like water, corrosive liquids, dust, high temperatures, etc. 

Silicone overmolding is a widely utilized technology, particularly suitable for sectors in the manufacturing industry that demand high product aesthetics, durability, and protection. As a processing technique, silicone overmolding has emerged as a primary option for numerous companies in product manufacturing. Its extensive application not only enhances product quality and aesthetics but also significantly prolongs the product's lifespan.

Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover

The Features Of Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover?

1. Protective Function

Silicone, known for its resistance to high temperatures, friction, impact, waterproofing, and anti-static properties, plays a crucial protective role as the outer wrapping material in silicone overmolding protective covers.

2. Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Silicone has a smooth, soft, and delicate appearance with excellent tactile qualities. Through the silicone overmolding process, the product surface can be imbued with various colors, patterns, and textures, providing a distinctive visual and tactile experience that enhances the product's perceived quality and appeal.

3. Anti-slip And Shockproof

Silicone exhibits excellent adhesion properties, forming a uniform and stable coating layer on the product surface. This enhances the product's friction, improving stability and safety during handling, manipulation, or transportation. Additionally, silicone offers outstanding shock absorption and buffering effects, absorbing external impacts to safeguard the internal components from vibration and collision damage, thereby enhancing the product's reliability and stability.

Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover

About Hopewell

Hopewell holds ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 certifications, boasting a comprehensive quality system to guarantee that each product is 100% qualified prior to customer delivery. As a specialized provider of customized silicone products, our team possesses over 20 years of expertise in LSR injection molding, compression molding, and silicone overmolding. 

Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover

If you are interested in silicone over-molding protective covers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

Manufacturing Process

Process Of Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover

Tool Design - Tool Manufacturing - Silicone Over-molding - Manual Deflashing- Quality Inspection -  Dust Free Packing - Shipping

Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover


Packing Of Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover

For silicone over-molding protective cover, to keep the product clean and not deformed while in transportation and in storage, normally, the packaging as follow: 

Item NamePCS/ PE BagPCS/ CartonCarton Size
Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover100pcs1,000pcs35*26*42CM8KGS9KGS

Silicone Over-molding Protective Cover


  • 1

    Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

    We're a manufacturer of silicone molding products, with about 10,000 square meters production workshops.

  • 2

    Can you provide free samples of medical silicone products?

    Free samples can be provided for quality checking, freight cost need be charged.

  • 3

    What are the advantages of Hopewell to produce medical silicone products?

    Hopewell started producing medical silicone products in 2011, we also have professional engineering team, precision mold manufacturing department and perfect quality control department, a 100,000-level clean production workshop, and has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 and ISO14001 certifications.

  • 4

    What is your MOQ for medical silicone products?

    Our moq is 50000 pcs, the final quotation shall prevail.

  • 5

    Can you accept OEM/ ODM orders?

    Currently we only accept OEM orders.

  • 6

    What is the lead time for custom medical silicone products?

    For prototype molds, the lead time for medical silicone products is about 7-15 working days; for production molds, the lead time is about 15-45 working days.

  • 7

    What information do I need to provide for custom medical silicone products?

    Please provide 2D and 3D drawings (STP format) or actual samples, then our engineering team will provide DFM for your confirmation.

  • 8

    Can you provide proof of medical raw materials?

    Yes, we can provide MSDS, ISO10993, Biocompatibility report for confirmation.

  • 9

    Can I use your medical silicone products mold?

    I am sorry to tell you all of our medical silicone products are customized by other customers, no public mold medical silicone products. If you are interested in medical silicone products, please provide 3D design, then we can create mew mold for you.

  • 10

    Can i vist your factory?

    Of course, highly welcome.

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