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FDA approved top grade medical grade liquid silicone raw material

ISO10993 Certified Nusil medical grade coloring agent with biocompatibility report

Custom silicone brush head is in compliance with highest level criteria of USP

Class 100,000 cleanroom for production

Welcome custom medical silicone facial cleansing brushes

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Item NameInside Silicone Brush SizeOutside Silicon Brush SizeHardness
FDA Approved Medical Silicone Brush HeadDiameter: 0.8mmHeight: 3.8mmDiameter: 1.2mmHeight: 4.4mm30 Shore A


  • Beauty (Skin Care, Daily Face Cleansing)

    Beauty (Skin Care, Daily Face Cleansing)

  • Beauty (Skin Care, Daily Face Cleansing)

    Beauty (Skin Care, Daily Face Cleansing)

  • Beauty (Skin Care, Daily Face Cleansing)

    Beauty (Skin Care, Daily Face Cleansing)

Product Information

Product NameCustom Top-Grade FDA Approved Medical Grade Silicone Brush for Ultrasonic Face Cleanser
Model NumberHHSB01
MaterialFDA Approved Medical Grade Liquid Silicone& Coloring Agent
Hardness30 Shore A
Mold TypeLSR Overmolding Injection
Mold Cavity4CAV+4CAV
Daily Capacity2,000pcs/ line
MOQ10,000pcs/ size

1.Custom top-grade FDA approved medical grade silicone brush for ultrasonic face cleanser supplier,inside silicone brush diameter size is 0.8mm,height is 3.8mm,outside silicon brush diameter size is 1.2mm,height is 4.4mm.hardness is 30 Shore A,material is FDA approved medical grade liquid silicone& coloring agent,mold type is LSR overmolding Injection.

2.Silicone face cleansing brush made of top-grade liquid silicone and coloring agent, with ISO10993 certification and biocompatibility test, has been tested and verified for its biological safety for skin contact.

3.Medical silicone brush processed by LSR over-molding injection in class 100,000 clean room.

4.FDA approved medical silicone face brush compliance with highest level criteria of USP (US Pharmaceutical Convention).

5.BPA free ultra-soft silicone bristles provide the most gentle and softest face cleansing and massage for all types of skin.

6.The silicone facial cleansing brush with different sizes of bristles, which makes it remove stubborn makeup, deep clean pores, reduce blackheads maximally.

7.Medical grade liquid silicone is processed by over-molded with plastic ring to save the secondary post-molding assembly, saving related costs and time for assembling.

8.Welcome custom silicone face cleansing brush for manual or electronic face cleanser.

9.Medical silicone brush raw materials with ISO10993 Certification.

10.FDA approved medical silicone face brush has Class 100,000 Clean Production Workshop and ISO13485 Certification. 

11.Hopewell has over 13 years in producing custom silicone face cleansing brush,we have many certificates for medical silicone brush,such as:ISO9001 certificate,ISO14001 certificate,ISO13485 certificate,ISO10993,Clean-room production workshop.welcome to customize FDA approved medical silicone face brush and other silicone products.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process


Before shipment, we’ll check with customer to choose the best shipping method.



  • 1

    Can I get free samples?

    Yes, free samples can be offered, shipping costs to be paid by customers.

  • 2

    Can I customize another color?

    Yes, colors can be customized, please offer us the Pantone number.

  • 3

    Can I change to other level of silicone?

    Yes, for the silicone face cleaning brush, the material is top grade medical liquid silicone. While if you want to change to food grade, it’s also doable.

  • 4

    Can I use the mold of this LSR over-molding silicone brush tooling?

    We regret that this silicone brush is customized, the tooling belongs to our customer. If needed, you need to develop your own mold.

  • 5

    Can you designer do the product design?

    For now, our factory mainly focuses on OEM custom silicone products, so the product design is done by customers themselves.

  • 6

    Can I order customized silicone face cleansing brush?

    Yes, as a professional manufacturer of premium quality custom silicone products, we highly welcome custom silicone cleansing brush.

  • 7

    What shall I offer to custom a facial cleansing silicone brush?

    For a custom silicone brush, please offer us the 3D drawing for evaluation.

  • 8

    Do you accept customized packaging?

    Yes, we highly welcome custom made packaging, please provide us the detailed requirements.
  • 9

    Can I visit your factory?

    Yes, highly welcome to visit us. Please contact our sales to schedule the timing.

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