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Light Proof VR Silicone Face Cover Manufacturer


Made of high-quality platinum liquid silicone raw materials

Anti-leakage light VR face cover, prevent light from leaking, provide perfect game experience

Dust-proof, scratch-proof and sweat-proof facial protective mask cover

Soft and smooth surface feeling ensure your comfort during long time game play

Anti-slip design allows long hours of game play without slipping out

Welcome customized VR silicone facial protective covers



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Product Information

Product NameCustom Anti-leakage Lightweight Ultra Soft Liquid Injection Molding VR Silicone Face Cover Manufacturer
Model NumberHHSC
MaterialFDA& LFGB Approved Liquid Silicone
Hardness50 Shore A
Mold TypeLiquid Injection Molding
Mold Cavity4CAV
Daily Capacity6,000pcs/ line
MOQ10,000pcs/ size
Description1. Made of quality platinum liquid silicone materials, LFGB and FDA approved, pass the test of human skin allergy.
2. Processed by LSR injection molding in class 100,000 clean production workshop.
3. Lightweight VR silicone face mask cover to provide your comfort even for long time game play.
4. Anti-light VR facial protective cover to prevent light leakage, bringing a great gaming experience.
5. Sweatproof, dustproof and scratch resistant custom silicone light shield, easy to take on and off.
6. Easy to clean, just use the wipes to clean or wash with soap and water.
7. The VR silicone face cover is processed by oil spraying in class 100,000 cleanroom, so to make sure the surface feel like baby's skin.
8. Over 10 years in producing custom silicone products, welcome customized VR gaming silicone protective covers.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process


Before shipment, we’ll check with customer to choose the best shipping method.



  • 1

    Can I get free samples?

    Yes, free samples can be offered, shipping costs to be paid by customers.

  • 2

    Why is the VR silicone face cover processed by oil spraying?

    Because of the electrostatic characteristics of silicone, it absorbs the dust or dot easily. After the further process, it becomes static free, also brings the surface feeling of baby’s skin.

  • 3

    Shall we pay the tooling cost for VR silicone face cover?

    Yes, since this mold belongs to our customer, for custom VR silicone protective covers, you need to develop your own tooling.

  • 4

    Can I change the silicone material level?

    Yes, currently, we have 3 levels of silicone materials, food grade, medical grade and optical grade. You can choose the material level you preferred.

  • 5

    Can I buy the mold of VR silicone face mask cover only?

    Yes, with our own mold factory, we accept supplying the mold only.

  • 6

    Can I order customized silicone face covers?

    Yes, as a professional manufacturer of premium quality custom silicone products, we highly welcome custom VR facial protective covers.

  • 7

    What shall I offer to custom a VR silica gel light shield?

    For custom silicon VR light shield, please offer us the 3D drawing.

  • 8

    Are you using platinum silicone material?

    The VR silicone facial protective mask cover is made of food grade liquid silicone with platinum vulcanization agent.

  • 9

    Do you accept customized packaging?

    Yes, we highly welcome custom made packaging, please provide us the detailed requirements.
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