Complete Guide Of Silicone Lens Application

May. 30, 2023

Speaking of silicone lenses, someone may be very unfamiliar, they don’t know what it is and where it can be used? Today, the i will answer you in detail.


What is silicone lens?

Silicone lens is made of optical silicone material, which has the function of gathering light and can be used for lighting, it is one of the accessories of lighting tools. The silicone lens is soft, high temperature resistant, yellowing resistant, and the light transmittance is over than 94%. As the advantages of silicone lenses gradually emerge, more and more people use silicone lenses to replace PMMA lenses and glass lenses.

Complete Guide Of Silicone Lens Application


What are the applications of silicone lens?

1. Fly Eye Lens

Silicon fly-eye lens can be used for digital projector lighting and medical devices lighting.

Complete Guide Of Silicone Lens Application

2. Mini Silicone Lens

Mini silicone lens can be used for display lighting.

Complete Guide Of Silicone Lens Application

3. Automotive Light Lens

Car light silicone lens can be used for car led lighting, car led headlight, car led light, bike light, daytime running light, automotive lighting, head lamp lighting, automotive lighting, bar led light, emerg light, fire lights, signal light, strobe lights, amber led light, atv led light, car strobe light, emergency car light, emergency fire light, emergency led light, led road lights, led warning light, ems lighting, led caution lights, led fire light, led signal light, led visor lights, vehicle amber lights, high power automobile lighting, automobile ADB headlamp lighting, condensation headlight, automotive headlight and other all car lighting.

Complete Guide Of Silicone Lens Application


4. LED Silicone Lens

Indoor Lighting: led parking lots lights, ice hockey led lighting, baseball led lighting, warehouse LED lighting, Parking Lot LED Lighting, led stadium lights, indoor led lights, indoor grow lights, grow lamp lighting, LED tunnel lighting, led stadium flood light, sports hall led lighting, grow led light and all indoor lighting.

Complete Guide Of Silicone Lens Application


Outdoor Lighting: swimming led lighting, street & roadway LED lighting, rugby led lighting, athletics led lighting, stadium flood lighting, outdoor chandelier lights, led high bay, industrial outdoor light, high bay lighting, contemporary outdoor lighting, commercial lights outdoor, commercial led outdoor lighting, led tennis court light, led gas station lights, high mast LED lighting, gas station LED lighting, football stadium light, football led lighting, basketball led lighting, architectural lighting outdoor, airport LED lighting, street lighting and all outdoor light.

Complete Guide Of Silicone Lens Application


Others Lighting: shatterproof light, reflector light, led industrial lighting, industrial led lighting, high power led, commercial led lighting, commercial exterior lighting, cob led light, build lights, area lighting, architectural light, optic led grow lights, led high power lamp lighting, led horticulture lights, building led lighting, building exterior lighting, architectural led lighting, landscape lighting, industrial lighting.

Silicone lens in Hopewell

1. Hopewell established in 2009, with more than 10 years silicone lens working experience.

2. We have professional silicone lens engineer team, include 5 Japanese engineers.

3. The silicone lens material supplier we cooperate are: DOW CORNING, MOMENTIVE, WACKER, DONESON. We have enough stock optical silicone material, fast delivery.

4. For optical silicone lens, we have these equipment: Horizontal Liquid Injection Molding Machines (ARBURG& SUMITOMO), Vertical Liquid Injection Molding Machine, 100,000 Clean Production Workshop, 10,000 Full Inspection Room, EVERFINE Goniophotometer ( Light Performance Test System ).

5. We have ISO9001,ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949 certifications.

Complete Guide Of Silicone Lens Application


If you are interested in silicone lens, please feel free to contact us, thanks.

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