Applications Of TIR Lenses In LED Lighting

Jul. 05, 2023

TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lenses are a type of optical lens, made of liquid silicone material, can utilizes the principle of total internal reflection to control the path of light. Silicone TIR lenses are designed to redirect light rays by internally reflecting them instead of refracting them like traditional lenses, this unique characteristic makes optical TIR lenses highly valuable in LED lighting applications. Here is all you need to know about LSR injection molding TIR lenses:

Applications Of TIR Lenses In LED Lighting


Principle Of TIR Lenses

LSR silicone molding TIR lenses work based on the principle of total internal reflection, which occurs when light travels from a medium with a higher refractive index to a medium with a lower refractive index at an angle larger than the critical angle. Instead of refracting or bending the light, the LIM silicone molding TIR lenses redirect the light by reflecting it internally within the lens.


Construction And Design Of TIR Lenses

Optical silicone molding TIR lens are typically made from silicone materials with high refractive indices, they have a specific geometric design that allows light to enter the TIR lenses at a certain angle and undergo multiple internal reflections before being redirected out of the TIR lens. The shape and curvature of the optically clear silicone molding TIR lenses are critical for achieving the desired light control and distribution.


Light Control And Beam Shaping Of TIR Lenses

Liquid injection molding TIR lenses offer precise control over the path and distribution of light. By varying the design parameters of the silicone TIR lenses, such as its curvature, thickness, and surface texture, it is possible to manipulate the output beam angle, beam shape, and intensity distribution. Silicone rubber TIR lenses are commonly used for collimating or focusing light, as well as for creating uniform illumination or precise beam shaping.


Applications Of TIR Lenses

LSR injection molding TIR lenses find applications in all led lighting,such as: high bay light, led flood lights, led garden lights, led spot light, led street light, led work light, outdoor chandelier lighting, work light, commercial lighting, street lighting, golf led lighting, hockey led lighting, industrial illumination, industrial lighting and so on.

Applications Of TIR Lenses In LED Lighting


Advantages Of TIR Lenses

 Optical silicone rubber TIR lenses offer several advantages compared to traditional lenses:

- Efficient Light Control: Liquid silicone rubber molding TIR lenses can achieve highly efficient light control with uniform lighting, allowing for precise beam shaping and distribution.

- High transmittance: The light transmittance of optical molding TIR lenses is more then 94%, which can reduce the light loss.

- Anti-yellowing: The  liquid injection molding TIR lenses have no change after 5000 hours 85℃/ 85% Humidity Aging testing.

- High temperature resistant: Liquid injection molding silicone TIR lenses  can be used from -40 degree to 200 degree temperature.


Conclusion Of TIR Lenses

Liquid silicone injection molding TIR lenses are valuable optical components that leverage total internal reflection to control the path of light. With their precise light control capabilities, they find applications in all LED lighting. Understanding the principles and characteristics of silicone TIR lenses can help in utilizing them effectively for specific optical requirements.


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