What Kind Of Silicone Non Return Valve To Choose For Your Dispensing System?

Jul. 18, 2023

Nowadays, injection molding process silicone non return valves are widely used in different applications, such as: food and beverage, health care, personal care and so on. High precision silicone non return valve is designed to sealing or flow control the liquids/air dispensing. Based on different grades of raw materials, wear resistant silicone non return valves can be divided to food grade silicone non return valve, medical grade silicone non return valve. While if classified according to different shapes, there are cross slit silicone valve, duckbill silicone valve, silicone umbrella valve, dome valve, silicone NSF valves, eye cream dispensing valve, cleaning silicone valve, flapper valve, etc. For your dispensing design, do you know what kind of silicone non return valve should be chosen?


Food Grade Silicone Non Return Valve


1. Cross Slit Silicone Non Return Valve

Cross slit silicone non return valves are made of food grade liquids silicone material, perfect for dispensing or flowing control the liquids food or beverage applications.These LSR molding process silicone non return valves are particularly suitable for industries such as food and beverage industry, cosmetics industry, and nutraceuticals industry, where the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and regulatory compliance are essential.


The most crucial aspect of food-grade silicone non return valve is its material composition, which made from high-quality, FDA&LFGB approved liquid silicone material, and match food grade safety standards. Food-grade cross-slit silicone non return valves are designed with non stick and zero clearance cross slit cut, with excellent resistance to temperature variations, making them suitable for both hot and cold food and beverage applications.


Cross-slit design of these silicone non return valves enables precise control over the flow rate, making them ideal for applications where accurate dispensing is essential. Whether it's dosing liquid flavors, sauces, dressings, or beverages, the good sealing silicone non return valves offer consistent and reliable performance.

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2. Duckbill Silicone Non Return Valve

Duckbill silicone non return valve is a specialized type of valve that combines the characteristics of both a duckbill valve and an umbrella valve, this design is commonly used in applications where one-way flow control, prevention of back-flow, and sealing capabilities are required. The combination of the duckbill valve and umbrella valve design features provides effective flow control in a variety of industries.

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3. Umbrella Silicone Non Return Valve

Umbrella silicone non return valve can be defined as a two-way valve, due to the shape is like an umbrella or a mushroom, can also been called silicone mushroom valve. The silicone two-way valve allows flow in a device in two directions but at different certain pressures, and works like a combination of vent and relief valve, while allows air to be drawn into a container when there is vacuum and to be vented from the container when there is over-pressure.


The umbrella silicone non return valve is also a one-way check valve featuring an umbrella-shaped diaphragm made of flexible silicone material. When pressure is applied from below, the diaphragm lifts, allowing fluid or gas to flow through. Once the pressure is removed, the diaphragm returns to its original position, creating a tight seal to prevent back-flow. Silicone umbrella valves are commonly used in various industries, offer reliable flow control, back-flow prevention, and sealing capabilities. The material of umbrella silicone non return valve provides flexibility, resistance to temperature, ensuring long-lasting performance.

What Kind Of Silicone Non Return Valve To Choose For Your Dispensing System?cid=8


Medical Grade Silicone Non Return Valve


Medical silicone non return valve is a specialized valve designed for use in medical applications where flow control the liquids or air, which typically made of medical-grade liquid silicone material, ensuring bio-compatibility and compliance with stringent medical regulations. Medical silicone check valves provide one-way flow control, allowing fluid or gas to pass in a specific direction while preventing back-flow, they are designed to open under pressure, enabling efficient flow during medical procedures or treatments. When the pressure is released, the silicone valve closes to prevent any reverse flow, maintaining the integrity of the system.


Medical silicone non return valves are commonly used in applications such as infusion pumps, respiratory devices, blood handling systems, and diagnostic instruments. Their reliable flow control and ability to prevent contamination or leakage contribute to the safety and efficacy of medical procedures.

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