Complete Guide Of Liquid Silicone

Jul. 21, 2023

What Is Liquid Silicone?

Liquid silicone is also called liquid silica gel, or LSR for short, which is a kind of flexible thermal solid material with good fluidity, fast vulcanization, tear resistance, good resilience, anti-yellowing, anti-aging, non-toxic and heat-resistant.


Classification Of Liquid Silicone?

The liquid silicone of Hopewell mainly has three grades, namely: food grade liquid silicone, medical grade liquid silicone and optical grade liquid silicone.

1. Food-grade liquid silicone products: cross silicone valve, leak-proof silicone valve, duckbill valve, umbrella valve, eye cream silicone valve, etc.

2. Medical grade liquid silicone products: medical grade silicone valve, medical negative pressure ball, etc.

3. Optical grade liquid silicone products: silicone lens, optical lens, fly eye lens, TIR lens, automotive lens, commercial lighting lens, plant growth lens, etc.

Complete Guide Of Liquid Silicone


The Prospect Of Liquid Silicone?

1. Since the liquid silicone technology has matured, it has been widely used due to its special performance. Liquid silicone has been used in food packaging industry, medical industry, smart wear, AR, VR, watch, bracelet industry, various three-proof product industry, automobile industry, LED lighting industry, home appliance industry, beauty industry and aerospace industry, etc.

2. Liquid silicone has been widely used in medical appliances and tableware by European and American countries as early as the 1980s because of its non-toxic, harmless and extreme temperature resistance characteristics. However, traditional silicone has gradually been phased out.


The Comparison Between Liquid Silicone Mold And Traditional Silicone Mold?

1. High Temperature Resistance

Liquid silicone still maintains its softness and does not deform at a high temperature of 200 degrees; traditional silicone can withstand high temperatures in the range of 80-120 degrees, and deformation will occur if the temperature exceeds this temperature, thereby reducing the physical properties of the product.

2. Low Temperature Resistance

Liquid silicone still maintains its softness and does not deform at a low temperature of minus 65 degrees; the limit value of traditional silicone low temperature resistance is minus 20 degrees, and it will harden below minus 20 degrees, thereby reducing the physical properties of the product.

3. Scratch Resistance

Liquid silicone has stronger scratch resistance and good recovery ability; traditional silicone is not scratch resistant except for TPU.

4. Waterproof And Dust-proof:

Liquid silicone molds are fully filled, vulcanized quickly, simplified waterproof structure, the overall structure is more compact, assembly accuracy and processing accuracy are improved, and the waterproof effect is also improved, so the waterproof and dust-proof effect of liquid silicone molds is much stronger than that of traditional silicone molds; traditional silicone molds are usually glued, ultrasonically welded, etc. to achieve waterproof functions, and the effect is relatively poor.

5. Chemical Resistance

Liquid silicone molds are resistant to aging, acid and alkali, ozone, and yellowing; while traditional silicone molds are only resistant to some high-end materials.

6. Production Yield

The production yield of liquid silicone molds is not much different from that of traditional silicone molds, which is about 90%, slightly lower than traditional silicone molds; the traditional silicone molding process is very mature, so the production yield of traditional silicone molds is 85%-95%.

7. Molding efficiency

Liquid silicone is slightly lower than traditional silicone because of the different vulcanization methods; traditional silicone is the normal molding time.


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