Silicone Flow Control Valve

Apr. 17, 2023

Silicone flow control valve are also called 1 way check valve, airflow check valve, back flow valve, cartridge valve, cross slit valves and so on, which is made of food-grade liquid silicone material, used for leak-proof or flow control dispensing of liquids or air.


What are the common types of flow control valve?

The common types of flow control valve are: check valve, one-way valve, return valve, duckbill valve, umbrella valve, flapper valve, cross slit valve, dome valve, pressure relief valve, NSF valve, Inlet valve, outlet valve, eye cream valve, snowflake valve, cleaning valve, mouthpiece silicone valve, breathing valve, etc.

Silicone Flow Control Valve


What is the difference between the one-way flow control valve and silicone check valve?

1. The one-way flow control valve is one of the silicone check valves, and there are only a few differences between the two.

2. The one-way flow control valve is a control type one-way valve, while the silicone check valve is a non-control type one-way valve.

3. The one-way flow control valve is generally used in the occasion of providing pressure, the purpose is to maintain the pressure of the pipeline. Although the silicone check valve can also maintain the effect of pipeline pressure, it is generally used to control the backflow of the medium, and generally does not require pressure.

4. The one-way flow control valve has a tendency to control, while the silicone check valve only has a purely natural effect.


What is the difference between the cross slit flow control valve and the duckbill flow control valve?

1. The slit cut of the duckbill valve is a straight line, and it is one-way silicone valve. The slit cut of the cross slit silicone valve is cross slit type, it is bi-directional silicone valve.

2. The silicone duckbill valve is usually allows liquid or air to flow in only one direction, the cross slit silicone valve uses the pressure value of air or liquid to break through the incision to discharge liquid or air, and at the same time, it can return air in the opposite direction, and continue to the next cycle.

Silicone Flow Control Valve

Silicone Flow Control Valve


What are the general sizes of food-grade flow control valve in Hopewell?

Hopewell has three public mold size of cross slit flow control valve, their outer diameters are 9.8, 10.5, and 16.5 mm. At the same time, we can also customize silicone valves of other sizes and shapes for you, just need 3D drawings.

Silicone Flow Control Valve


How to assemble the non sticking flow control valve?

There are generally two assembly methods for flow control valves:

1. One is matching plastic valve seat, first install the silicone valve in the plastic valve seat, and then buckle the whole set on the cover.

2. Another is to design a groove in the product, and the low control valve can be buckled directly into the groove.


How to distinguish whether a company that sells flow control valve is a factory or a trading company?


1. The factory can be visited the production site anytime and anywhere, and can meet the customer's demand for production in the first time.

2. It is also possible to determine whether is a factory by looking at the registration nature on the business license.

3. The factory MOQ is higher, while the trading company MOQ is lower.

4. The description of the equipments and certificate is relatively complete for the factory, while the trading company is simple.


How to customize flow control valve?

1. To customize the flow control valve, first need provide 3D drawings, then tell us your quantity, material, color, hardness, application and packaging method of the flow control valve, or 2D drawings (CAD format).

3. If there is no 3D drawing, the actual sample can also be provided, and our company can provide design suggestions.


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