Something You Should Know About 10.5 mm Silicone Valve

Feb. 14, 2023

1. What is 10.5mm silicone valve?

10.5mm silicone valve is a kind of elastic valve, made of silicone material, mainly through liquid silicone injection molding, designed to better control the flowing fluid under preset pressure and vacuum.

Something You Should Know About 10.5 mm Silicone Valve


2. What are the classifications of dispensing 10.5mm silicone valve ?

1) According to raw materials: It can be divided into food grade silicone, medical grade silicone, fluorosilicone (FVMQ) and rubber.

2) According to shape: The types of silicone valves produced by Hopewell include one-way 10.5mm silicone valves, duckbill 10.5mm silicone valve, umbrella 10.5mm silicone valve, flapper 10.5mm silicone valve, cross slit 10.5mm silicone valve, NSF 10.5mm silicone valve, dome 10.5mm silicone valves, and exhaust 10.5mm silicone valves and pressure relief 10.5mm silicone valve, purge 10.5mm silicone valve, eye cream 10.5mm silicone valves, dispensing 10.5mm silicone valves and others.

These LIM silicone molding 10.5mm silicon valves can be used in different application areas, such as food and beverage packaging, healthcare, automotive, home appliances, etc.

Something You Should Know About 10.5 mm Silicone Valve


3. What is the function of 10.5mm silicone valve with LIM-9150 liquid silicone LFGB certification?

Usually there is a slit cut in the middle of the 10.5mm silicone valves, mostly cross slit cut, rice slit cut, snowflake slit cut, Y slit cut. For example, the thickness of exhaust port of the middle sheet of the exhaust 10.5 mm silicone valve is smaller than the thickness of the periphery of the exhaust port. The glue position at the exhaust port is relatively weak, and the vent port with cross-shaped cracks is opened. When the cooking vessel is pressurized, the cracks of the silicone sheet increase, and the gas is discharged from the crack. When the pressure in the cooking vessel weakens, The toughness of the cracks in the silicone sheet rebounds, thereby sealing the air, and realizing automatic closing and exhausting.


4. Production process of 10.5 mm silicone valve

Step 1: LSR Injection Molding Of 10.5 mm Silicone Valve

Step 2: Whole Piece Inspection Of 10.5 mm Silicone Valve

Step 3: Manual edge removal

Step 4: Punching Cross Slit Cut

Step 5: Add Talcum Powder

Step 6: Punching Shape Of 10.5 mm Silicone Valve

Step 7: Quality Checking

Step 8: Dust Free Packing And Shipping


5. What problems will arise during the production of 10.5mm silicone valves? How will we solve it?

1) During the production process, material shortage is easy to occur. To solve this situation, Hopewell will adjust the parameters of the mold and optimize the exhaust (vacuum) of the mold.

2) 10.5mm silicone valve are prone to back sticking at the opening. In response to this problem, our company has added a process-adding talcum powder, which can greatly reduce the probability of back sticking.

3) The hardness of the material, the size of the opening, the wall thickness of 10.5mm silicone valve and others will all affect the opening pressure and flow rate of the product. Therefore, in the early stage of production, our company will let customers send us the assembled products for trial assembly, so as to meet all the requirements of customers for product output.

6. Why choose Hopewell to produce 10.5mm silicone valves?

1) From mold design and manufacturing, prototype mold making, mass production mold making, LSR injection molding production, plastic injection molding production, quality control and customer support, all processes are handled in-house.

2) With a sound quality management system, our flexible production lines can meet the needs of customers for large and small orders.

3) For the customer group with large purchase demand, our company has independently developed an automatic punching machine for silicone valves to provide faster, better, and higher-quality services, also achieve the quality of products with zero flashes at same time to meet all the needs of customers.


If you are interested in 10.5mm silicone valve, please contact us, please also believe that we must be your best choice.

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