Something You Should Know About Silicone Seal

Mar. 20, 2023

1. What is silicone seal?

Flexible silicone seal is also known as silicone o ring(silicone gasket), belongs to a product category of silicone products. Silicone seal is made of silica gel, which are mainly used to prevent oil, water, corrosion, seal gas, and prevent leakage.

Something You Should Know About Silicone Seal


2. How to assemble the silicone seal?

Food grade silicone seal are generally fixed by a card slot, first find the card slot, and then align the card slot and the groove of the socket and press down firmly. Before installing the silicone sealing strip, it is not necessary to tear off the packaging bag prematurely to avoid dirt adhering to the surface of the silicone seal. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the flat packaging of the sealing ring, if it is skewed, it cannot be installed.


3. What factors will affect the service life of the silicone seal?

1) The force and compressibility of leak-proof silicone seal.

2) The glue problem of the material. (Many silicone materials may have poor resilience and insufficient stretching force due to the formula)

3) Whether the softness and hardness of the silicone seal is suitable for the product itself. (The silicone seal will cause the hardness to be too high when the force is pressed according to the different softness and hardness, so that the product cannot rebound and fail)

4) Operating temperature. Silicone seal withstand a temperature environment of minus 40 degrees to 200 degrees. If the operating temperature exceeds its upper and lower limits, the service life of the silicone seal will be reduced.

5) Medium. Silica gel is not resistant to acid and alkali, so if the silicone seal passes through the acidic and alkaline medium, the life of the silicone seal will be greatly reduced.


4. What problems will arise during the production of silicone seal? What is the solution?


The common problems in the production of BPA free silicone seal are contamination, breakage, deflashing, etc.



1) The solution to pollution is to keep the environment around the machine clean, free from dirt and dust, and add a humidifier in the production environment, which can reduce the static electricity in the environment.

2) When mixing materials, the surrounding environment of the machine should also be kept hygienic.

3) The solution to breakage and burrs is to adjust the molding parameters of the machine to achieve smooth self-disassembly without residue.


5. How to test whether the silicone seal is a high-quality product?

1) The surface is clean, no oil, no fingerprints, no burrs

2) No gravure, no air bubbles, no cold joint marks, no impact marks, no scratches

3) The gate is smooth and the hand feel is not higher than the surface of the product

4) Whether the inner diameter is deburred and whether the sharp edge is rounded

5) Whether the processing residues (crumbs, stolen goods, foreign particles, etc.) are cleaned up, etc.

Something You Should Know About Silicone Seal

6. Compared with other Chinese suppliers, why is Hopewell’s quality of the silicone seal better?

1) The raw materials of the silicone seal produced by Hopewell are all food-grade (raw material suppliers include Shin-Etsu/ Polymer/ Zhengan/ Maigao), only good raw materials can produce good products.

2) Our molds can guarantee that the outer edge of the product is 0.03MM, the step difference is 0.03MM, and the product can reach the waterproof IP68 level!

3) With AOI automatic inspection equipment, all appearance/dimensions are inspected, and the excellent quality comes from our excellence in every detail.

4) There are 26 vertical liquid injection molding machines (50-160T), and 6 vacuum compression molding machines (250T). Rich equipment resources can quickly respond to customer product delivery and quality requirements.

Something You Should Know About Silicone Seal 

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