Flip Top Cap

Flip Top Cap

Flip top caps, also known as dispensing closure or plastic bottle lids, are made of FDA and LFGB approved food-grade plastic and liquid silicone materials, and are a cap design with special features. Flip top caps have built-in silicone valves, which have excellent tightness and resilience. It's mainly used to control the dispensing of liquids in plastic bottles, to ensure that the liquid maintains freshness and taste during storage and use, to avoid contamination, and to avoid leakage in the packaging process and improve packaging efficiency.

Hopewell specializes in supplying high-quality flip top caps with new food-grade raw materials to ensure product safety and reliability. They are widely used in food and beverage packaging squeeze bottles, providing users with a convenient and hygienic experience.

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At present, there are two main specifications of our flip top caps: 28 400 flip top cap and 38 400 flip top cap, which are widely used in many fields such as food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics due to their good sealing, easy opening and food-grade safety.

Product NameNeck FinishOuter DiameterSilicone ValveCross Slit Size
Beverage Closure28-40032mm13mm5.5*5.5mm
Sports Water Bottle Cap38-40042mm13mm5.5*5.5mm
Flip Top Cap38-40040mm13mm5.5*5.5mm
Inverted Plastic Bottle Cap38-40053.3mm13mm5.5*5.5mm
Snap On Bottle Lid38-40053.3mm13mm5.5*5.5mm

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Applications Of Flip Top Cap

  • Food sauce packaging: Flip top dispensing closure is very suitable for the packaging of food sauces such as ketchup, honey, salad, syrup, etc. Consumers can easily remove the sauce by squeezing the cap, which is convenient and hygienic.

  • Beverage packaging: For liquid beverages such as juices, sports drinks, vitamin C drinks, etc., the dispensing cap provides good sealing and easy-to-open characteristics, which is convenient to carry and drink. At the same time, its food-grade materials guarantee the safety and freshness of the beverage.

  • Personal care products: Shampoo, shower gel, cleanser, detergent and other liquid personal care products also often use silicone valve bottle caps. This cap design prevents liquid leakage while providing easy access.

  • Pharmaceutical packaging: Some liquid medicines or paste medicines are also packaged with flip top plastic caps with valves. These caps ensure the tightness and safety of pharmaceutical products and prevent contamination and leakage.

  • Cosmetic packaging: In the field of cosmetics, squeeze bottle lids are also commonly used in some liquid or paste cosmetic packaging, such as sunscreen, liquid foundation, skin cream, etc. The bottle lids are easy for consumers to use while maintaining the hygiene and freshness of the product.

  • Child-safe packaging: The pilfer proof water bottle cap can also be combined with child-safe protection features to ensure that children cannot open the package without permission, thereby reducing the risk of accidental ingestion or misuse.

  • Travel & Outdoor Products: The small, lightweight, and easy-to-open nature of the dispensing cap make it ideal for travel and outdoor products. For example, outdoor adventurers can use containers with silicone valve caps to store and carry water, beverages, or other liquids.

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Hopewell insists on using new food-grade raw materials to ensure that the products are non-toxic, tasteless, and meet the high standards of the food packaging industry. Equipped with advanced imported injection molding machines, as well as self-developed silicone valve cap assembly and full inspection equipment, which effectively reduces the product defect rate and improves production efficiency, our factory has passed ISO22000 certification, which is a recognition of our product quality management system and also provides customers with more confidence. We have a strict full inspection process to ensure that every silicone valve cap that leaves the factory reaches a 100% pass rate. In a highly competitive market, our efficient production processes and quality assurance systems are able to retain more profits for our customers.


Hopewell has a professional mold design and manufacturing team, which can customize plastic dispensing closures of different specifications and shapes according to the specific needs of customers. Whether it's color, size or shape, we've got you covered. If you are interested in our squeeze bottle caps or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Plastic Flip Top Cap

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